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Stand up for your health

Be healthier and more productive when working on your computer

Move as you were made to do

The human body is not designed to sit still. Just take a look at our ancestors, and how physical their work and life was until the 20th century. We are made to move, yet we spend 80% of our time sitting down: browsing, studying, working, watching, reading, eating, driving….

Recent studies show that 1-2 hours at the gym every day is not enough to repair the damage caused by sitting, but knowledge about the benefits of working in a standing position is not a new thing. Some of the brightest minds in history – like Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill and Michael Dell – have been doing it for centuries.

Burn fat while you work

Enzyme lipoprotein lipase, which is essential for burning fat and cholesterol in our blood, decreases by 90% when we sit. As a result, the unburned fat accumulates and circulates in our blood, blocking arteries and storing as body fat. The only way to prevent this is by standing up and moving around.

Changing your work position will increase your energy levels and strengthen your metabolism. In an hour standing up you burn up to 50 kcal more than an hour sitting down. 2-3 hours of standing daily in a year is equivalent to the calories you would burn running 10 marathons.

Stand up and increase your muscle activity by 2.5 times

The most common working position is sitting with a bent back. Our back muscles suffer, our lunges don’t get enough space, and our brains don’t get the oxygen they need to thrive. Long periods of sitting result in an increased pressure on muscles and vessels in our legs. When nerves and blood vessels are blocked, our blood circulation slows down and we end up with stiff and itchy legs.

Increase your concentration and creativity

What happens to your brain when you sit? Most of us will perform brain demanding tasks sitting down. Ironically, sitting slows your blood flow and decreases the amount of oxygen our brain receives. Both are crucial to an active brain, and with a reduced flow of blood and oxygen, our concentration suffers.

The solution is ActiveDesk, an electrically maneuvered, height adjustable desk that will keep you moving while you work. With the push of a button you can switch between sitting and standing, and stay active throughout the day.

Limit the risk of heart-related disease

People who spend the larger part of their day sitting down, have a 54% higher chance of dying of heart failure. Biologists will tell you that the human body’s ability to stand and walk on two feet, evolved over millions of years. We did not develop in this way to be sitting on chairs. Just look at our ancestors, and how active their working day was… But don’t worry, you don’t have to change your career or stop using technology.

Scientists recommend that you stand for at least 15 minutes every hour. And with an electrical height adjustable desk, working in front of a computer has never been healthier. Now you can alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Improve productivity

Experts recommend rotating between sitting and standing during work hours. And with ActiveDesk you can stay active even in periods of intense workload, when it is almost impossible to leave your desk. ActiveDesk makes it possible for you to get physical breaks from sitting without losing eye on your work. Changing your position also improves blood flow, oxygen circulation and labour productivity. You can do more in less time.

Reduce back pain
and tension by sitting less

Do you get backaches? You're not the only one. Most of us spend 80% of our time in a sitting position. On average, anyone working with a computer will spend 50,000 hours of their working life sitting down. The advice from doctors is to limit the amount of time we sit.

ActiveDesk is a practical way to change the way you work without changing your career. It will help you establish a habit of alternating between sitting and standing while working. And when you reduce the amount of hours you spend sitting, you reduce the pain you’ve been feeling in your back. Significantly.

Increase your energy level
and reduce fatigue

Working in front of a computer over a long period of time can be tiring, and sitting for a little while will help your body recover from stress. But after 30 minutes of sitting, the blood flow slows down, decreasing the amount of oxygen that gets into your bloodstream and travels to your brain. The solution is simple. Alternate between sitting and standing throughout your working day.

Changing your position increases energy, speeds up metabolism and eliminates tiredness. Stand up. Sit down. Repeat. ActiveDesk will help you. With a simple press of a button you can adjust the position of the desk to your preferred height.

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