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About Us

"Our mission at ActiveDesk is to deliver products and services that improve everyday life."

One of our founders created ActiveDesk after living in New York for many years. During his period there he worked for a fast-growing company and explored several desk settings. He found that adjustable desks played a vital role in improving wellbeing at work by reducing long term sitting.




After extensive research we have now decided to bring the perfect high-end high-adjustable desk, designed for everyday use at affordable prices, to the European market.

"Our research revealed the three essential factors in what makes a high-quality, adjustable desk: Stability, comfort control and engine strength. "

So in addition to having exceptional stability when elevated, ActiveDesk needed to move quickly between positions, even when fully loaded. It had to have a push-button control for convenient everyday usage. And of course, it had to be a long lasting product of high quality.



We have brought you a high-end product at an affordable price. Increasing demand for height adjustable desks around the world has led to a decrease in technology cost and lowered the production price. Working with manufacturers around the world we are now able to bring ActiveDesk to the market at an affordable price.

We have made a better product in every aspect, and topped that with a free trial period. Because the best way to try out our ActiveDesk, is in the comfort of your daily surroundings. Some of the improvements might appear as small enhancements, but overall they play a huge part in creating a perfect product for a more ergonomic, healthier and productive workplace.